A Holistic And energetic Approach to your Fitness and Wellbeing

Freedom first - 6 week 1 to 1 transformation course £1000


Change and Transformation is possible

Small steps towards CHANGE, EMPOWERMENT, TRUTH of your being, clearing FEARS BLOCKS and LIMITING BELIEFS, finding PASSION and PURPOSE in all we do is key to moving forward to create body transformation, a positive mind, personal growth and spiritual development. 

During my 6 week Transformation course we shall work together to create Body Transformation, a new perspective on life so you may experience more Joy. 

Work with Breath and meditation to support you in developing balance in all aspects of your life. And energies to heal old wounds, traumas and stories that no longer serve your being.

Each session is 90 minutes of Personal Training, Movement, Expressive Dance, Breath, Meditation and Healing. 

Our time together is a Positive life Transformation packed with Spiritual and personal growth. 

Let's talk nutrition. I want you to eat the foods you enjoy so eating is not a diet that creates resistance, but a way of eating that fulfil your soul. Once we have established your enjoyments I shall create a bespoke recipe book for you, No more dieting only eat well and enjoying food again.

In week 6 you shall receive my Master Massage treatment. (Click link for full description) https://iamnickyfuller.com/energy

You will receive training and movement videos, meditation and breathing exercise audios to support you in your forward momentum in-between our sessions together. 

A unique and special service.

I look forward to supporting and working with you to SHINE BRIGHT ALWAYS

Personal Training Movement and Dance

Our brains evolved to move our bodies and our bodies evolved for us to move.  Every time we create a new movement we create a new neural pathway and an opportunity to make space for the old to go leaving space for the new to grow. 

Improve your agility, flexibility, fitness, strength, muscle growth. Your Mind your Body your Personal and Spiritual Growth. 

What happens after 6 weeks....?

You will be given the opportunity to continue your journey. The only change will be that we will tailor the energies you wish to work with for the next 6 weeks. The next step will always be bespoke as your journey will always be unique.

Heal your Energy

The process of healing is essential to a meaningful and fulfilling life. Once you have taken the time to understand yourself truly know the light and the shadow you can begin to piece together the stories and beliefs that have led you to where you are now. The great news is once you start to connect the dots you can begin to release traumas, old stories, belief systems, and negative thought processes that hold you back from fulfilling your full potential. from this lifetime and past.

Group Bookings

15%  Discount on group bookings a saving of £150 per person. 

Why not invite your friends and family to join you on this transformative journey. Working with friends and family can bring a fun and supportive dynamic, improve relationships and help to create better understanding between you and your tribe. 

What we move through together makes us stronger together, and gives opportunity to create community.

Group journey's -Minimum of 4 and a Maximum of 8 


Reach out. Let's talk. I want to support you, so may shine bright always. You can email me on nicky@iamnickyfuller.com to start the flow. I look forward to hearing from you. Be you, be unique. You are wanted and needed on this Earth Plain. 

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Remember Who You Are - 1 to 1 Emotional freedom course £800


What is Emotional Freedom.....?

Emotional Freedom is living in Peace, Calmness, Balance, Happiness, Joy, and Harmony. 

It leaves you able to navigate any negative situation person or circumstance with ease grace and integrity from a place of peace. 

See your emotional stress as heavy suitcases that you have been carrying around. 

Have you ever just wanted to put those suitcases down....? 

Did you know that you can....? 

During this 6 week course you will learn how to deepen your connection with your true self and the being that exists without the influence of the world and people around you. Where lack of emotional exists you will create space to enjoy freedom. 

Let go of past traumas, old patterns, and learnt behaviours that no longer serve you.

Cleanse your soul, investigate past life barriers, clear your auric field from energies that do not belong to you.

To manifest the life of your dreams you must first learn to manifest from an abundant space. Like attracts like, therefor manifesting from a place of lack or emotional stress will only create more of the same. It is important that you clear space too manifest from a place of love and abundant space.







Essential emotional feelings and this is where the magical manifestation happens. 

I invite you to expand and empower yourself, your energies and your being, so you may create space to manifest the life of your dreams.

What to expect

Each week for 6 weeks we shall come together for 75-90mins to create a safe and comfortable space so that we can work through what leaves you feeling unbalanced and a lack of emotional freedom.

Using Energy Healing techniques we shall work through the 6 emotional freedoms above to bring balance to your emotional being...

Energy Healing

Energy Healing means to replace negative emotion with positive fulfilment. To shift anything from your being muscles and joints that may be causing you stress anxiety or a feeling of stuckiness or lack.

It allows for flow and the unwanted to be released.

Most behaviours patterns and negative behaviours we have learnt or been made to feel happened whilst we were in Theta state from the ages of 0-7yrs. The stories and blocked emotions you feel are simply not serving you anymore and are most likely to be false.

Using my gift I become the channel to untangling the root cause so you can begin to create space for the new.

From this you can recreate and retrain the mind and brain to navigate the world from a new perspective and more positive mindset. 

Sometimes we feel heavy with emotion but happy within ourselves. This can be because you are simply carrying around too much baggage. It's time to put it down.

See and feel the shifts and watch the magic happen.

Group Bookings

£150 saving person per when you book in a small group.

Minimum 4 Maximum 8. 

To move through a journey with friends and or family brings a supportive dynamic to the journey and can help to build relationships. 

It creates community and a network of support.

What to do next

Let's talk. To book your course place or for more information contact me on nicky@iamnickyfuller.com

Terms and Conditions https://iamnickyfuller.com/privacy-policy


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