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Feel whole again

Soul Rejuvenation Journey


Breathe and create space for your soul to be whole again. A deep spiritual cleansing and removal of blocks, traumas and energies that no longer serve your highest good from this life time and past.

 A cleansing of the Auric Field and all energetic fields that reside within your being that leave you feeling unable to move forward, to create forward momentum. 

A reset from the false stories and feelings that have learn't or been made to feel throughout your lifetime to rejuvenate your soul and bring you back into alignment with where and who you are in this present moment.

Fill your being with light, stand in your truth and feel whole again.

Soul Rejuvenation 75-90 mins session £125

This service is also offered in the form of a course. I have found working with clients on a consistent and regular basis brings great benefits to your being.

Advice and guidance will be given after our session to encourage smooth adjustment and positive movement into your new being.

Crystal Power


Sit back and let Crystal Power support you in feeling balanced.

Crystals are extremely empowering energy healing tools. Each crystal has its own vibration taste and smell. Each vibration that the crystal radiates has a cleansing and calming effect on the area of your energy that needs relief.

Each Crystal Power session is bespoke to you and where your energies are at the present moment whether it be physical or energetic needs the crystal layouts on your body can have tremendous positive results and leave you feeling whole and balanced. Which in turn leaves you space to stand fully in your power. 

Lay back and relax whilst the crystals work their magic....!

Crystal Power session 75-90 mins £120


3 sessions for £300

Crystal Advice and Guidance given after your session so may continue your journey with Crystals.



Crystalline your Home

 Do you feel like your home needs some new energies, or maybe needs a lift in vibrations to create more balance and harmony....? 

What is Crystalline...?

Crystalline is my passion and enjoyment of Crystals and the amazing positive effects they bring to me, my clients and many other beings on the planet. By introducing Crystals into your home to you can create a positive loving and balanced environment. Using similar techniques to Feng Shui I will arrive at your home and help you to clear and transform the energy of your home by guiding you through where your property would benefit from Crystal placement. 

How does this work...?

Tapping into the energy of your home allows me to tap into my many years of experience with Crystals so that i can recommend and help you to place the correct Crystals in the correct places in your home. Together we can create a gentle and positive flow of energy. Once we have established where and which Crystals are going to be in alignment with your home,  family and property Crystal placement can begin. Leaving the Crystals to bounce along doing their job in supporting you, your family, and your home in healing and feeling good. Allowing you to enjoy harmony and balance.

What to expect....?

Step 1 - A visit to your home or an online walk through of your home. This is a vital part of the service so I can tune into to your home and family and understand what is need to create the best vibration. 

Step 2 - After the consultation I will then walk you through your bespoke home energy reading and how I can help. 

Step 3 - Our next step is to order the Crystals. I only ever use the purest of Crystals from high quality sources.

Step 4 -  My second visit. My second visit allows me to work on Crystal placement I will also sit with the Crystals and your home to ensure all is aligned and placed correctly. You will also receive tools and techniques on how to look after your crystals to keep the energies flowing.

Consultation Fee applies.

Please allow up to 2hrs for each visit.

Is there a follow up service....?

Absolutely. Energies and people  grow change and move forward. Especially when Crystals are supporting development and growth. It is for this reason that I offer a monthly service where by I will visit your home and establish what needs to change  in order for you, your family, and home to stay enjoy ever growing Balance and Harmony.

What to do next....?

Reach out and share with me what it is that you would like to achieve in your home at nicky@iamnickyfuller.com let's get your home Vibed Up Balanced surrounded in Harmony with a Big Splash of Joy and Happiness.