Teacher of Body Transformation MEntor to a Positive Mind

Freedom first - 6 or 12 week 1 to 1 transformation Program


Change and Transformation is possible

Small steps towards CHANGE, EMPOWERMENT, TRUTH of your being, clearing FEARS BLOCKS and LIMITING BELIEFS, finding PASSION and PURPOSE in all we do is key to moving forward to create body transformation, a positive mind, personal growth and spiritual development. 

During my Transformation course we shall work together to create Body Transformation, a new perspective on life and your experiences so that you may experience more Joy, Happiness, Empowerment and Freedom. Physically, emotionally, Mentally, Personally and Spiritually. 

Each session is 90 minutes and will be divided into 4 parts. Breath, Movement, Strength Training, Energy Healing Meditation.

Our time together is a Positive life Transformation packed with Spiritual and personal growth. 

Let's talk nutrition. I have created my very own Body and Mind Transformation Recipe book. All the recipes are nutritious, healthy and clean, and designed to support you in letting go of the worry and stress when it comes to eating well. It will support you in nailing portion sizes and food choices when you enjoy a meal out.

I have even created dessert recipes so that you can treat eat without feeling guilty.

You shall receive my Master Massage treatment. (Click link for full description) https://iamnickyfuller.com/energy

You will receive training and movement videos, meditation and breathing exercise audios to support you in your forward momentum in-between our sessions together. 

A unique and special service.

I look forward to supporting and working with you so you may  SHINE BRIGHT ALWAYS

Why Move.......?

Our brains evolved to move our bodies and our bodies evolved for us to move.  Every time we create a new movement we create a new neural pathway and an opportunity to make space for the old to go leaving space for the new to grow. 

Improve your agility, flexibility, fitness, strength, muscle growth. Your Mind your Body your Personal and Spiritual Growth. 

Heal your Energy

The process of healing is essential to a meaningful and fulfilling life. Once you have taken the time to understand yourself truly, knowing your light and your shadow you can begin to piece together the stories and beliefs that have led you to where you are now. The great news is once you start to connect the dots you can begin to release traumas, old stories, belief systems, and negative thought processes from this lifetime and past. They no longer hold you back and it is from this space you can release your full potential and true capabilities. 

Cost of Program

6 Week Transformation Course. Movement and Energy Healing sessions. 1 Master Massage £1500

12 Week Transformation Course. Movement and Energy sessions. 1 master massages £2000

12 Week Transformation Course.  Movement and Energy Healing sessions. 2 Master massages £2200


Reach out. Let's talk. I want to support you, so may shine bright always. You can email me on nicky@iamnickyfuller.com to start the flow. I look forward to hearing from you. Be you, be unique. You are wanted and needed on this Earth Plain. 

Terms and Conditions https://iamnickyfuller.com/privacy-policy


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