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27th - 29th Sept 2019 SOLD OUT

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Women only Retreat in the Heart of the New Forest

Calling all sisters...!! I invite you to spend a weekend with me your host Nicky Fuller at the unique and beautiful Passford Country House Hotel in the Heart of The New Forest to empower your being and to celebrate life.

The stars and the energies will be perfectly aligned for this weekend as we will be in the energy of the Autumn Equinox the energy of Transformation. Just as a tree shed its leaves so must we let go of all that no longer serves us so we may expand and grow.

We also have the absolute pleasure of sitting under the energy of the new moon on Saturday the 28th. This is the perfect time to set new intentions, begin a new path, and too manifest your dreams and desires. Yippee...!!

You are capable of so many beautiful things. You are here on this Earth Plain because your gifts are needed. It's time to stand out from the crowd and embrace your uniqueness, it's time to celebrate you. 

You are a powerful being with the potential to create your very own reality. You have choices at every turn and the universe wants to give you what you want. 

"You simply need to navigate some things to make space for them." 

I have created a powerful and unique structure that allows you to experience FREEDOM, EMPOWERMENT, PURPOSE and PASSION. A structure to support you in the CHANGES you are experiencing or wish to experience.

Share a SAFE and NON-JUDGEMENTAL space whilst you navigate your own TRUTH and UNDERSTANDING of your inner world and who you are or wish to become.

Let's BLOW those LIMITATIONS, FEARS and OLD BELIFS out of the water....!! 

Let's Dance, Move, meditate and GROW

Whether you are searching for a gateway into experiencing and understanding Movement  Dance and Energy and how together they are a powerful Transformative tool. Or simply wish to experience and enjoy the freedom Movement Dance and Energy brings to your being. Then this retreat is set to fulfil your Soul.

What to expect....? 

Gong Bath Opening Ceremony - We will begin our weekend with a Gong Bath with Scania We will be in the energy of the Autumn Equinox and the brand new energy of the New Moon. Both represent change, growth and new beginnings. This is the perfect energy to reboot your nervous system with the vibrational sound of the Gong to create space for your new journey to manifest. Gong aids in relief from aches and pains and will  support you further in hitting the reset button. Out with old and in with the new.

Movement - Movement is the perfect tool to connect your mind to your body and your body to your mind. In creating movement we can beginning to understand where our minds place negative emotions and energies in the body. Exploring and moving the body in different ways will allow for energy flow. It gets things moving.

Dance  -  Dance is one of the most primitive and primal actions for the body. Dance brings joy and positive energy to the body by encouraging the body to release endorphins in the brain this in turn also creates age reversal of the brain and can support you in feeling and staying youthful. It allows for freedom of creative expression. FREEDOM lives here.

Energy Healing  - This is where we explore a little deeper as to what is stopping you from living your best life. Our beings are like onion layers and those layers need to be understood and peeled away in order to move forward on our unique journeys. Using powerful and positive tools we are going to blow those limitations and old  belief systems out of the water.

Breath Work - This is your anchor. Breath is the one tool that is always available at all times to come back to in times of emotional stress or tension. Having breathing techniques in your utility belt is a must. Nothing beats being able to ground yourself in the craziest of situations. Breath is power....!

Meditation -  Clarity of mind, calm, peacefulness, balanced and true to self is the road that I will guide you through in our meditation time together. All the answers that you seek are within you simply can not here them because of the monkey chatter. Meditation allows you to see hear and feel things through creating the beautiful energy of CLARITY OF MIND.

Mindful Forest Walking -  Do you ever take time to acknowledge what you are doing..? Do you ever notice each step you take and how your mind and body feels and moves whilst you are doing it...? Take this time to appreciate that every time you take a step 200 muscles join in to make it happen. Feel it live it appreciate it. Living in a state of gratitude will only draw more things to be grateful for towards you.

Plenty of you time -  Absolutely....!! You are worthy of your time. Giving time back to yourself is not a negative thing, in fact it is the most positive and kind action you can give to your being. Learn to remember what it feels like to kick back and relax. And with 9 acres of New Forest Garden to explore and a private lake with a snug, waterside seating and a tree top treehouse hideaway to chill in, you will have plenty of space do what is good for you.

Plenty of Spa time -  Absolutely baby.. You shall be positively encouraged to unwind and relax in the spa  facilities at Passford. With an Indoor and Outdoor Pool, Sauna, and Jacuzzi. You can fully take the time you need to chill out, kick back cleanse and heal.

You will learn many techniques that you can apply to your daily life to continue your new and positive journey. And if you so wish be supported upon your return home.

Upon arrival you will receive a warm welcome from the warm and friendly staff at Passford House Hotel, and be shown to your Double Country Hotel room where waiting for you upon entering will be a chilled bottle of bubbly, to begin the theme of the weekend. Relaxation, Positive experiences, Change and Fulfilment

Friday and Saturday night a 3 course meal will be served from the Passford House Hotel A La Carte  menu. 

Vegetarian or vegan....? Just let us know upon booking and your needs will be catered for.

Want to upgrade to a Superior or Four Poster room....?  Let me know by sending across an email and we shall get you upgraded. (Please note rates will be charged at a different rate and this will be dependant upon availability)

Check in will be from 4pm on Friday. Sunday at 4pm we will say see you later.  I prefer them to Goodbyes they feel to permanent. I like to think we shall meet again.

I look forward to spending time with you  and supporting you in your GROWTH and SHINING BRIGHT ALWAYS....!!! 

Namaste Beautiful Being

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Many Blessings 

Nicky x


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