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Movement dance & energy Retreat

27th - 29th Sept 2019


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Women only Retreat in the heart of the New Forest

An opportunity to explore your being and expand your energies. An opportunity to unwind, let go, and grow. An opportunity to stand in your power to empower yourself from a new truth. 

" I know what it feels like to be consistently tired no matter how much you sleep. I know what it feels like to feel the stresses of  an increasingly demanding world and people."

I have spent the last 15 years learning, organically growing, developing and perfecting, the tools and techniques needed to support you in transforming your life. It's time to SAY YES TO LIFE and take back all of your power. To make change and transformation happen so that you may empower yourself and your journey from a new and expanded truth and authentic space. Freedom exists here"

I will be hosting my beautiful retreat in the heart of the New Forest. This retreat is all about fun and hitting that reset button. Relaxing, unwinding. 

Movie your body to create freedom, dance to experience freedom, meditating the mind to create balance, breath to anchor. combining the Together these tools are powerful and empowering they connect the Mind to the Body and Body to Mind.

Connection tools that allow for space to create calm in an ever demanding world, space to feel balanced no matter what the circumstances. In turn inviting you to stay in touch consistently with your truth and your energy only.

You will learn and develop your being in the 5 key energies of transformation CHANGE, EMPOWERMENT, speaking and living TRUTH, removal and cleansing of LIMITING BELIEFS, BLOCKS AND FEARS, whilst finding PURPOSE and PASSION in all you do. You will enjoy a unique and special journey to bring you home to your true being. The being that exists within you without the interference of the world.

Whether you are searching for a gateway into experiencing and understanding Movement Expressive Dance and Energy and how together they are a powerful Transformative tool. Or simply wish to experience and enjoy the freedom Movement Dance and Energy together brings to your being. Then this retreat is set to fulfil your Soul.

- 3 Movement Sessions

- 3 Expressive Dance sessions

- 5 Energy Healing Breath and Meditation Sessions

- Gong Bath Sound Therapy

- Mindful Forest Walking

- Plenty of you time 

- Plenty of Spa time

In the beautiful and natural surroundings of Passford House Hotel in the heart of the New Forest I will guide you through what is set to be a beautiful, relaxing and fulfilling journey into Body and Mind connection. You will explore the benefits of Movement Dance and Energy and how listening to your body alongside your energies can give you the answers you've been searching for. 

With the world being such a demanding and fast moving place it is important that we take time to connect back to self to understand our true nature to rediscover our human being so we may let go and grow. 

Creating the opportunity to leave behind all that no longer serves you so you may keep moving forward in your unique journey on this earth plain is I feel a vital part of finding balance Joy and Happiness. Sometimes you just need to stop..

Alongside Movement,Dance, Breath, Meditation and Energies  you will be indulge in a beautiful Gong Bath a vibration of sound that will support you in rebooting your nervous system. Help with aches and pains and support you further in hitting the reset button.

You shall be positively encouraged to enjoy plenty of you time enjoying the spa facilities at Passford House Hotel. With an Indoor and Outdoor Pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Tennis Court, Crochet. 

The Private Lake at Passford with water side seating, is sure to give you the space and time to enjoy the YOU time you are worthy of receiving.

You will learn many techniques that you can apply to your daily life to continue your new and positive journey. I love to share my experience and positive tools I have developed and grown over a lifetime of healing  movement and dance. They are positive they work and I wish to gift them to you so you to can shine your light bright always.

Upon arrival you will receive a warm welcome by the warm and friendly staff at Passford House Hotel and be shown to your Superior Double Country Hotel room where waiting for you upon entering will be a chilled bottle of bubbly to begin the theme of the weekend. Relaxation, Positive experiences and Fulfilment

No need to worry about your belly being empty. Each day breakfast lunch and dinner will be served at the Passford House restaurant and you will have snacks, teas and coffees available to you. All you will need to do is ask. 

Friday and Saturday night a 3 course meal will be served from the Passford House Hotel A La Carte  menu. 

Vegetarian or vegan....? Just let us know upon booking and your needs will be catered for.

Want to upgrade to a Four Poster room....?  Let me know by sending across an email and we shall get you upgraded. (Please note rates will be charged at a different rate and this will be dependant upon availability)

I look forward to spending this beautiful relaxing and unique weekend with you knowing you will leave feeling fulfilled, full of life and ready to continue in your growth and the new and positive world that you have created.

I look forward to meeting you. Many blessings.

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Many Blessings 

Nicky x


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