Warrior Emma


"Thanks so much for a unique and uplifting session. I'm so enjoying everything about it. You are a very clever and talented woman who more people should seek help from. 

It's a journey of non stop learning growing and improving ones self. I felt like I had lost myself along the way but you b brought that right back to the forefront again and helped me to realise how important self care and acknowledging myself is. I shall always continue to nurture myself.

I feel amazing and more confident everyday. A massive thank you for your guidance and help. I feel massive changes and I am very happy about that. Nicky has given me the confidence to be the FREE SPIRIT I am.

I feel really peaceful and fulfilled. You are definitely here to create a movement in this land. 

Much love to you Nicky of the Forest. xx"

Emma : Warrior and Magical Forest Spirit. Soon to be one of the best Chinese Medicine women of our time.

Sister Caroline


Coming soon

Magical Gill


“ I caught up with Nicky at the beginning of my annual trip to the U K. I was so impressed by her positive energy, I asked if she would consider helping me with a fundraiser and do her Stomp Dance as an event. She agreed in a heartbeat.

And so it happened .. and how! 

The event was a huge success with the participants becoming infused with her energy, her humour, her raucous laugh, her vibrancy. 

Sharing that feeling of being a Free Spirit which I believe so many crave to be and simply need to give themselves Permission! She lit up the room and the people responded. They want to play again! Nicky is a genuine good person who loves to inspire people, to empower them and heal those who need it.

Thank you for your selflessness, Nicky.”

Gill. Nomad and Coach.